Density/Temperature measurement

BRAND thermometers - premium instruments for measuring temperature

These high-quality thermometers are manufactured in a single casting for a long service life. The dark amber stain is integrated with the glass surface, and is particularly resistant to chemical and physical corrosion.

Note: At temperatures above 150 °C, the thermometer must be carefully preheated approximately to the temperature to be measured before immersion in the fluid.


Precision thermometers, suitable for official certification or officially certified (the official certificate is valid for 15 years). The accuracy is within the PTB* approved error limits.


General-purpose thermometers for routine applications. The accuracy remains within twice the PTB* approved error limits.

* PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt): German Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology

Following EU Directive 847/2012 the products containing mercury must not be sold in EU countries after 04/10/2014!

Solid-stem thermometer, yellow coated

The vivid yellow coating on the back of these thermometers clearly contrasts the mercury column and graduations.

Enclosed-scale thermometer

BRAND also carries thermometers with opal glass scales.