Microliter pipettes

Economical - accurate - versatile!

With only 5 instruments you can cover the entire volume range from 0.1 μl to 5 ml. You can choose from 10 models of the digital-adjustable Transferpette® and from 12 models of the fixed-volume type.

Transferpette® Microliter Pipette


The Transferpette® pipette from BRAND is designed for routine lab and research applications in a shape that is adapted to the anatomy of the human hand. The special handle shape with the side pipetting key allows the Transferpette® pipette to lie loosely and lightly in your hand.

The Transferpette® models are particularly well suited for prolonged pipetting, or for anyone who is susceptible to RSI syndrome due to repetitive laboratory procedures.

Transferpette® Microliter Pipette

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