Pipette tips / Filter tips (NEW)
NEW TipBox/TipRack-System

The NEW TipBox

In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, from manufacturing through packaging and all the way to the laboratory, BRAND has optimized the packaging options to comply with the new requirements. Even the primary packaging for the new systems, such as the PET outer packaging for the new TipRacks (refill units) and the spacers for the new TipStacks, are produced under cleanroom conditions, which guarantees the high purity of the products. All rack packed pipette tips and filter tips up to 1000 μl are now free from DNA, RNases, endotoxins and ATP, independent of the packaging formats. Sterile tips and packaging are manufactured exclusively under BIO-CERT® quality certification.

Additional packaging options

Bulk packed in bags, non-sterile

All tips and filter tips are produced under supervised state-of-the-art clean-room conditions and automatically shrink-wrapped in reclosable bags and packaged in cardboard boxes. The batch number is printed on every bag.

TipBox 5/10 ml, non-sterile

The 5 ml and 10 ml tips are only available as a racked tip version in this specially corresponding TipBox.

TipRack (racked), sterile and non-sterile

Compared to the filled TipBoxes, the amount of waste with the new refill units is reduced by over 20%. All pipette tips and filter tips up to 1000 μl are free of DNA, RNases, endotoxins and ATP.  
TipRacks in BIO-CERT® quality are sterile according to ISO 11 137 and the AAMI guidelines, a SAL of 10-6 is obtained. These racks are supplied with a transfer aid that enables simple, contaminationfree transfer into a previously sterilized TipBox. All tip-trays are printed on one side with information on the contents.

TipStack™, sterile and non-sterile

A tip tower containing 5 filled tip-trays and a TipBox constitute the new, space-saving refill system for 20 μl, 200 μl and 1000 μl tips. Tightly sealing spacers prevent the tips from getting stuck together, and ensure them to be free from DNA, RNases, endotoxins and ATP.
The sterile TipStacks (BIO-CERT® quality) are supplied with a transfer aid for contaminationfree use in a previously sterilized TipBox.

  • All components are recyclable
  • Reduced amount of waste
  • Sterilizable and reusable TipBox
  • High purity of the pipette tips and filter tips
  • Space-saving design