Plastic Technology - OEM

BRAND plastic technology

We develop the perfect solution - tailored to your specifications.

Demanding products for sensitive applications

Our strength lies in our expertise in manufacturing technically demanding plastic products characterized by outstanding visual properties and defined surface consistency. Mainly thermoplastic materials are used, under cleanroom conditions if needed.

An interdisciplinary team of specialists develops custom solutions for specific requirements - from concept to development to the implementation of high-performance products.

Competence through experience:
■ Technical consulting
■ Project management
■ Development and construction of components
■ Toolmaking
■ Injection moulding and extrusion blow moulding of plastics
■ Cleanroom production
■ Welding using laser technology
■ Plasma surface technology
■ Marking and hot stamping
■ Component assembly
■ Quality assurance
■ Packaging

Time/cost savings

Coordinated development and production methods, a high degree of production automation, integrated quality control, and modern logistics all ensure the shortest possible time between planning and product introduction.
A choice between low-over- head short runs or automated mass production allows attractive unit prices for plastic products

OEM concept

BRAND controls the entire development process, from the analysis, concept, design, manufacturer of functional prototypes, right up to the finished product. All of the production and logistics for plastic products is then carried out in our modern injection moulding plant.

Your contact

A personal contact follows the entire project at BRAND right from the start, and keeps you informed of the status of development work and production. The result is a collaboration that is transparent and always controllable.