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Liquid Handling
Dispensette® (bottle-top dispenser) Dispensette® TA (bottle-top dispenser)
seripettor® (bottle-top dispenser) Titrette® (bottle-top burette)
Transferpette® S (single-channel pipette) Transferpette® S -8/-12 (multi-channel pipette)
Transferpette® electronic (electronic pipette) Transferpettor (direct displacement pipette)
PLT unit (Pipette Leak Test) EASYCAL™ 4.0 (Calibration software)
HandyStep® S (repetitive pipette) HandyStep® electronic (repetitive pipette)
accu-jet® pro (pipetting aid) macro (pipetting aid)
QuikSip (bottle-top aspirator)
Life Science
Pipette- and filter tips 96er Racks
PCR plates (Roche® Lightcycler® 480) Deep-well plates
Microcentrifuge tubes with lid closure UV-Cuvettes
BRANDplates® Insert System BRANDplates® Strip plates 12xF8
Volumetric instruments
5-second-pipettes, BLAUBRAND® Volumetric flasks, PUR plastic coated
Testing flask, 3 marks PFA labware
Other products
Dispensing equipment/systems, OEM           


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