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Demo units, samples, compatibility charts, etc.
Compatibility charts

Working together with different equipment manufactureres and due to the feedback of our customers we can provide you with different compatibility charts

Compatibility of UV-Cuvettes micro with photometers
   This table shows you which UV-Cuvettes micro (center heights c = 8,5 mm or c = 15 mm) are suitable for your photometer.

Compatibility of PCR plates with thermal cyclers
   In this chart you can see the compatibility of BRAND PCR-plates with different thermal cyclers.

-  Compatibility of plates with various instruments
   The compatibility of microtiter-, deep-well- and PCR-plates with various instruments (e.g. plate readers, pipetting robots)
   can be checked in our Instrument Compatibility chart.

-  Selection guide for threaded bottle Adapter
   This document assists you to determine the bottle thread of your container and provides the catalogue number of 
   potentially suitable bottle adapters from BRAND.

Compatibility of pipette tips for Transferpette® pipettes
   This table shows you the BRAND pipette tips and filter tips that match with the various models and sizes of the
   Transferpette® single and multichannel pipettes.

We would also be pleased to integrate your instruments in the corresponding compatibility chart. Please send short information to info(at), so that we can contact you and send you free of charge samples for your test.