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Which instruments would you like to test:

accu-jet® pro (pipetting aid) Transferpette® S (single-channel pipette)
Dispensette® (bottle-top dispenser) Transferpette® S -8/-12 (multi-channel pipette)
HandyStep® S (repetitive pipette) Transferpette® electronic (electronic pipette)
HandyStep® electronic (repetitive pipette) Transferpette® -8/-12 electronic (multi-channel pipette)
seripettor®, seripettor® pro (bottle-top dispenser) Transferpettor (direct displacement pipette)
Titrette® (bottle-top burette)

Sample request for Life Science products::

PCR-tubes, PCR-plates Pipette tips
BRANDplates® (microplates),
(96-,384- and 1536-well)
Filter tips
UV-Cuvettes, other cuvettes PS/PMMA PD-Tips for repetitive pipettes
Deep-well Plates, Rack with Tubes Micro Tubes, Cryo Tubes

We will contact a local distributor and inform him about your request. He will contact you to check availability and desired volume range for the requested instrument or the samples.


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