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Transferpette® S - a perfect fit for every hand!

   Efficient, flexible, reliable - EN



Liquid Handling Station - Simple, intuitive, and compact.

 Automated pipetting made easy - EN



 Save time with automated pipetting - EN  DE




Dispensette® S

  Dispensette® S – Number one in bottle-top dispensing EN  DE  CN



  Dispensette® S – Start-up EN  DE  CN



  Dispensette® S – Cleaning and replacement of spare parts EN  DE  CN

  Dispensette® S – Accessories EN  DE  CN

BLAUBRAND® The right line in volumetric measurement

 The Quality of BLAUBRAND® - EN  DE  ES  CN 




Titrette® Utility Videos

 Start-Up of the Titrette®EN  DE  ES  CN



 Titration with the Titrette® - EN  DE  ES  CN



 Cleaning of the Titrette®EN  DE  ES  CN




PLT (Pipette Leak Testing) unit

 Pipetting with peace of mind - EN  DE  FR  ES  CN    




Ultra Low Retention (ULR) tips

 ULR Tips from BRAND -  EN  DE  FR  ES  CN




PUR coated flasks

 Protect your volumetric flasks with the PURprotect coating -  EN  DE  ES  CN