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General Catalog 900

NEW! BRAND General Catalog 900 - hot from the press!

On 354 pages the new GC 900 covers the entire range with many new products, , e.g.,

  • TipBox, TipRack, TipStack™, the new tip system from BRAND
  • Titrette® 10ml, the latest addition to the worldwide first and only line of digital bottle-top burettes featuring error limits within Class A for glass burettes
  • macro pipette controller, with new design, for even more sensitive meniscus control
  • Dispensette® TA, the bottle-top dispenser for trace analysis and hydrofluoric acid
  • PLT unit, the universal pipette leak testing unit for any brand of single and multichannel air-displacement pipettes
  • 96-well microplate with UV-transparent bottom and
    96-well strip
    plates for assays, screening, storage etc.
  • BRANDplates® Insert System, innovative cell culture plates and inserts for manual and robotic cell and tissue culture applications
  • Volumetric instruments, BLAUBRAND®, USP version with certificate 

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Our General Catalog is available for download in 9 different languages. To download please click with the right mouse button on the appropriate version and choose "Save Target As.." to name the saving-location on your computer. The catalog chapters are available in PDF-format. To open the files you need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader version 7 or higher. It can be obtained from Adobe® ( as a free-of-charge download.