General Lab Products
Beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks

Plastic beakers from BRAND are a viable alternative to glass beakers.

Beakers, PMP

Transparency comparable to glass. With embossed or blue printed graduations.

Beakers, PP

Very good translucence. With embossed or blue printed graduations.

Beaker, ETFE

Beaker, PTFE

Sampling dipper, PTFE

Erlenmeyer flasks

ETFE, translucent. Low form. Excellent chemical resis-tance. With graduation, beaded rim and spout.

PTFE. Low form. Excellent thermal and chemical resist-ance. With reinforced rim and spout. Without graduation.

PTFE. With reinforced rim and spout. PTFE handle with steel core. Optional extension rod for increased handle length.

PP, wide neck, with screw cap, high clarity. With graduation. Neck with standard ground socket.

Graduated beakers with handle


with blue printed scale or embossed
PP, high clarity. Ergonomic handle for secure grip. Functional spout to minimize spills. Cleaning at temperatures below 60 °C is recommended to preserve marks and inscriptions. For autoclaving (121 °C), beakers with an embossed scale should be selected.


Ordering data for graduated beakers