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Physical properties

Physical properties
Toxicity: non-toxic
Melting point: 60 °C
Flash point: 301 °C
Temperature range (continuous use): -45 °C to +50 °C
Stretching ability: 200%
Elongation at tear: 300%

Gas permeability in 24 hours at 23 °C and 50% relative humidity:
O2 (oxygen): ≤ 350cm³/m²
N2 (nitrogen): ≤ 105cm³/m²
CO2 (carbon dioxide): ≤ 1100 cm³/m²

Water vapor permeability in 24 hours at 37 °C and 90% relative humidity: 0.8 g/m² (Vapor pressure from volatile substances may lift PARAFILM®M off the edge of the vessel.)

Physiological properties
PARAFILM®M is free from plasticizers and consists primarily of polyolefins and paraffin waxes. If PARAFILM®M comes into contact with food, the relevant regulations should be observed.

Storage life
3 years without deterioration, if stored between 7 °C and 32 °C and 50% relative humidity.

Chemical resistance
PARAFILM®M is resistant up to 48 hours against many polar substances, e.g. saline solutions, inorganic acids and alkaline solutions. After this period embrittlement may occur.


Effects of 48 hours exposure at 23°C:
Acids: Hydrochloric acid 36.5% resistant

Sulphuric acid 98% resistant
Nitric acid 95% resistant (brown discoloration)
Alkaline solutions: Sodium hydroxide 22% resistant
Ammonia 28% resistant
Saline solutions: Sodium chloride 20% resistant
Potassium permanganate 5% resistant (brown discoloration)
Iodine solution 0.1 mol/l resistant (brown discoloration)
Organic solvents: Methyl alcohol resistant
Ethyl alcohol resistant
Isopropyl alcohol resistant
Diethyl ether not resistant
Chloroform not resistant
Carbon tetrachloride not resistant
Benzene not resistant
Toluene not resistant
PARAFILM®M conforms to the general requirements of the FDA (Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. USA) if used below 55°C.