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BRANDplates® Insert System

Innovative cell culture plates and inserts from BRAND for manual and automated cell and tissue culture work!

The BRANDplates® Insert System, co-developed with the Fraunhofer Society, offers an innovative expansion of the existing cell culture product line at BRAND.

It includes two different cell culture plates and two types of cell culture
, which can also be used in combination.

The cell culture plates and the associated inserts are available in both a
standard model and a special model. These can be used in a wide variety
of applications.

The standard model is used in such applications as co-culture, secretion
studies, and chemotaxis tests, and the special model finds application in
the automated in vitro preparation of human tissues (3-D tissue culture).

Skin, epidermis, and corneal models, etc., have taken on greater importance
due to legislation that restricts animal experimentation to a minimum. These
tissues are now employed on a daily basis for tolerance studies, toxicity
tests, and irritation tests in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.