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BRANDplates® Insert System
Insert strips
Inserts smooth-walled

For standard applications such as secretion studies,
co-culture, chemotaxis tests, etc.

Inserts with inlet channels

Inserts with special inlet channels (the Inlet Opening
System) are used for the automated in vitro prepa-
ration of human tissues.

The Inlet Opening System enables rapid, consistent
changing of media, from submersion culture to air-lift
culture. The special inlet channels enable adjustment
of the medium level without damage to the skin model.

Insert specifications:

  • Strip of 4 inserts, divisible into up to 4 individual inserts - positioned to hang in the well
  • Distance from the well bottom to the insert membrane is 4 mm
  • Individually packaged strips in deep-drawn cups or as a combination with 6 strips each inserted into the 6-well culture plate
  • cellGrade™ plus (hydrophilic cell culture) surface