BRANDplates® microplates
Non-treated surfaces

Microplates, non-treated surface

Non-treated microplates made of PS are used in the most diversified application fields, such as homogenous standard assays and extensive screening assays. The hydrophobic characteristics of non-treated PS are often helpful in performing these applications.

pureGrade™ (medium binding)
Non-treated surface, non-sterile
  • The standard plate for most applications.
  • Particularly applicable for homogenous assays, screening, and for storage.
pureGrade™ S
Non-treated surface, sterile
  • Sterilized via β-radiation.
  • Especially suited for bacteriological assays.

The BRANDplates® product range has grown to more than 130 different microplates. To assist you in the selection and to give a quick overview, we offer the BRANDplates® Selection Guide.

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