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Microplates Non-treated

                pureGrade™ S

Microplates for Immunoassays


Microplates for Cell Culture

             cellGrade™ plus
             cellGrade™ premium

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Barcoding of BRANDplates® microplates

BRAND offers micro-, deep-well- and PCR-plates with barcodes printed directly on the plates. Direct printing makes barcoding more durable, cost-effective and flexible than using labels.
Plates are initially printed with a white base in the barcode area to form a consistent background, over which the barcode is applied. By carefully matching the plate, background and barcode print, the barcode demonstrates exceptional resistance to temperature, chemical and mechanical forces. The white background substantially improves the machine-readability of the barcode.
The barcode printing can be easily integrated in the automated production process. Individually barcoded plates are thereby both cost-efficient and available in quantities as small as 5000 plates (surface-treated plates from 1000 pcs.).
A helpful specification sheet allows the definition of individual barcode printing requirements. Additionally specific needs, such as company logo or identification of work group, can be applied on the barcoded plates.

Ask for free-of-charge samples meeting your individual specifications, without obligation here.

Customer-specific Manufacturing (Surface and Plates)

Are you having trouble finding a microplate with desired bottom shape or with a specific surface treatment? Do you have a major project for which you need a special type of packaging? Do you need to develop a special surface for your application?
With our long history of experience, BRAND is a professional partner for developing and producing high-quality plastic disposables for the laboratory. Our interdisciplinary team can help you find an optimized, individual solution for your specific requirements.

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