BRANDplates® microplates
Strip plates 12xF8

BRANDplates® Strip Plates 12xF8

A critical component for the high specificity and selectivity of ELISA testing is the effective binding of antigens or antibodies to the surface of the microplates.

BRANDplates® microplates have ideal optical characteristics and are manufactured according to ANSI and SLAS standards. They are available as 96-well standard plates as well as strip plates with immunoGrade™ and pureGrade™ surfaces – for greater flexibility and optimal results.

  • immunoGrade™ high binding capacity (high binding), ideal for IgG and molecules with hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions
  • pureGrade™ medium binding capacity (medium binding), somewhat more hydrophobic than immunoGrade™

These offer high flexibility. Use only as many wells as necessary. Two variants are available:

Strip plates without grid
for processing 12 strips of 8 wells each. Individual strip can be removed from the frame and reinserted. The strips are not divisible.

Strip plates with grid
likewise for 12 strips of 8 wells each. Individual strips are removable from the plate and can be reinserted. The strips can be divided into 8 individual vessels which can be inserted individually into the frame plate.