BRANDplates® microplates
Surfaces for Cell Culture

Cell culture is increasing in popularity in the research and development area. Outside of basic research, cells are cultivated today for a number of reasons, including the production of proteins and, in particular, as assay systems. As cell cultures can sometimes be quite demanding regarding their environment, the disposables used for cultivation have to be of highest quality. BRAND has drawn upon its extensive experience in the production of high-quality plastic disposables to expand the product range of BRANDplates ® microplates into the field of cell culture.

Adherent cells prefer polar surfaces that possess hydrophilic functional groups. In contrast suspension cells prefer extremly hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces, that don’t allow any immobilization. Four different plate surfaces – cellGrade™, cellGrade™ plus, cellGrade™ premium, inertGrade™ – allow the optimum combination between microplate and specific cell line.

For the cultivation of adherent cells
  • Standard surface for the cultivation of adherent cell lines.
  • PS-surface with different chemical groups, such as carboxyl and hydroxyl groups, that are freely accessible.
  • Surface is hydrophilic compared with non-treated PS.
  • Serum components are easily bound onto the freely accessible chemical groups, allowing an indirect adhesion of cells.
cellGrade™ plus
For reduced-serum media cultivation of cells
  • For cultivation of fastidious cell lines.
  • In addition to carboxyl and hydroxyl chemical groups, free amino groups are present on the surface.
  • The surface has a protein-like composition, so cells can directly attach and spread out.
  • Cells adhere faster, better rate of yield.
  • Sensitive cell lines can be cultivated.
  • Suited for serum-reduced cultivation of cells.
cellGrade™ premium
Poly-D-Lysine-equivalent surface
  • Poly-D-Lysine-equivalent surface, with analogous results regarding growth performance and cell morphology.
  • Optimal adhesion of cells to the surface reduces cell damage when washing frequently.
  • Cultivation of cell lines with the highest demands on their environment.
  • Surface suited for serum-free and serum-reduced cultivation of cells.
  • Good shelf life at room temperature.
  • The alternative option to biologically coated surfaces.
For cultivation of suspension cells
  • Especially suited for cell cultures, when adhesion is not desired.
  • Optimized surface characteristics reduce cell adhesion and protein adsorption to a minimum.
  • Inhibits early differentiation of stem cells.
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide.

The BRANDplates® product range has grown to more than 130 different microplates. To assist you in the selection and to give a quick overview, we offer the BRANDplates® Selection Guide.

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