BRANDplates® microplates
Surfaces for Immunoassays

BRANDplates® Surfaces for Immunoassays

Diagnosis of disease, pregnancy or verification of doping substances – many analyses in the modern laboratory are performed with immunological assays in microplates. They are characterized by their high specificity and provide the opportunity to detect the lowest concentrations of defined substances in complex liquids, such as blood serum.

immunoGrade™, hydroGrade™ and lipoGrade™ – three surfaces with different affinities to different types of molecules. The BRANDplates® microplates are suitable for a broad section of applications like ELISA, RIA, FIA, etc.

immunoGrade™ (high-binding)
Optimized for the immobilization of IgG
  • Optimized for the immobilization of IgG, offering highest binding capacity for molecules with mixed hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions.
  • The surface of choice for the majority of standard ELISAs.
  • Suitable for solid phase immunoassays.
  • Comparable to 'high-binding' plates from other manufacturers.
For the immobilization of hydrophilic molecules
  • Strongly hydrophilic, with high affinity to hydrophilic molecules, such as glycoproteins and peptides, antibodies with predominantly hydrophilic regions, and nucleic acids.
  • An alternative to the immunoGrade™ surface when performing solid phase assays.
  • Alternative for homogeneous assays with hydrophobic molecules, that remain in solution.
For the immobilization of hydrophobic molecules
  • Strongly hydrophobic (lipophilic), for immobilization of biomolecules with predominantly hydrophobic regions.
  • An alternative to the immunoGrade™ surface for the immobilization of molecules, such as lipoproteins or peptides.
  • Specially suited for liquid phase assays when the reaction component should stay in solution. The majority of hydrophilic biomolecules are not immobilized on this Surface


The BRANDplates® product range has grown to more than 130 different microplates. To assist you in the selection and to give a quick overview, we offer the BRANDplates® Selection Guide.

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