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Easy Handling

Smooth operation!

Class A precision!

No switching needed!

The large, easy-grip hand wheels are conveniently easy to turn. With the optimized gear ratio, you can fill the instrument quickly and still titrate drop-wise very slowly and sensitively.
The drop size for the 10 ml instrument is approx. 20 μl, and for the 25 and 50 ml instruments approx. 30 μl.

The innovation for working within the Class A error limits according to DIN EN ISO 385: The Titrette® has an innovatine new measuring system, which matches the Class A accuracy of glass burettes.

No switching is needed to change between filling and titration. The dispenser automatically detects whether you are filling or titrating by the direction of hand wheel rotation.

Light-weight and compact!

User seviceable!

Light protection!

The compact design of Titrette® and the light weight ensure good stability. The titrating tube can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. This provides flexibility when positioning the instrument.

The dispenser is quickly and easily dismantled within a few minutes - for cleaning, to replace the piston / cylin-
der, or to replace the batteries. Now you can carry out maintenance con-
veniently and easily in the lab, and the instrument is ready to use again in minutes.

For protection of light-sensitive media, the clear inspection windows can be replaced with the amber colored windows (included).