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Additional electronic functions of Titrette®

The instrument is equipped with four helpful electronic functions to make your work easier. Hold down the CLEAR button to select the desired function:

Adjustment without tools with Easy Calibration

Calibration schedule for the next calibration

Save power with the Auto Power Off function

Changing between two or three decimal places

Titrette® with PC interface (optional)

The Titrette® is available with an optional RS 232 communications interface.

Advantages compared to the standard configuration:

  • The titration results are automatically transmitted to the PC by double-clicking on the CLEAR key. This eliminates transcription errors while recording primary data, and complies with an important requirement of GLP.
  • With each data transfer, the burette sends the titrated volume, the serial number of the instrument, the nominal volume and the adjustment value, as well as the next scheduled calibration date. Thus, all raw data is collected and displayed together with actual date/time stamp from the PC.
    The transmitted data is recognized as keyboard inputs by the PC. This universal input format ensures that the instrument is compatible with all PC applications that accept keyboard inputs.

To connect the instrument to a USB interface, simply use a standard USB/RS232 adapter.