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Microliter pipettes
Transferpette® electronic

Ergonomics – approved and certified

The Transferpette® electronic piston-operated pipette combines the widely recognized features of BRAND mechanical pipettes with the advantages of electronic apparatus.

Comfortable design, balanced weight distribution, intuitive software and user-friendly technical documentation were the key objectives in developing the Transferpette® electronic pipette.

The single channel pipette Transferpette® electronic was the first microliter pipette worldwide to be recognized with the 'Ergonomics Approved' certificate from the Technical Control Board Rhineland/Berlin-Brandenburg!

Independent user tests confirm the ergonomics and the operating ease of the product and system!


Transferpette® electronic Microliter Pipette

Here you can obtain additional information about the pipette Transferpette® electronic at TUV

  • Ergonomic
  • User-friendly
  • User-tested

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