Microliter pipettes
Transferpette® S -8/-12

Transferpette® S -8/-12 - Solutions for Science

A new performance standard among pipettes with a central pipetting button!

Transferpette® S -8/-12 Multichannel Microliter Pipette

The Transferpette® S -8/-12 multichannel pipette extends the successful range of the Transferpette® S microliter pipettes from BRAND. They are the perfect manual pipettes for demanding applications in the microplate format.

Lightweight – robust – low force:
The piston-operated pipette Transferpette® S provides maximum versatility and optimum quality over the entire volume range.

There are 5 different multichannel pipettes available in the 0.5 to 300 µl range.

Transferpette® S -8/-12 Multichannel Microliter Pipette


  • Large, central pipetting button and separate ejection function
  • True one-handed operation for both right-and left-handers
  • The Transferpette® S is completely autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. DIN EN 285.
  • Volume-change protection 
  • 4-position volume display, always clearly visible
  • Transferpette® S features Easy Calibration technique – readjustment without special tools . Clearly visible external flag indicates changes from factory settings
  • Short stroke of only 12.5 mm to reduce the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
  • Corrosion-resistant piston and ejector
  • Color-coded volume range
  • UV resistant
  • CE-IVD - compliant

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