Pipetting robot
Automated Liquid Handling

Automated Liquid Handling

Simply uncomplicated!
The Liquid Handling Station from BRAND combines 45 years of experience in the area of manual Liquid Handling with over 30 years in the manufacture of high-precision disposable items. The pipette system works on the same air-interface principle as the piston-operated pipettes widely used in laboratories, and is designed for medium sample throughput. The Liquid Handling Station takes care of simple, monotonous (and frequently error-prone) routine tasks as well as complex pipetting tasks, working through them efficiently.

Seven freely configurable work positions accommodate anything from individual vessels up to 384- well plates, solving nearly any pipetting need.

Simplest possible method creation in minutes – intuitive software, no programming knowledge needed.

Just 60 x 49 cm, full power in eight stations – at a height of just 53 cm!

Made in Germany.

Typical applications

  • Preparation of 'assay ready' plates
  • PCR-, qPCR- and ELISA Set-up
  • Serial dilutions
  • Replication of microtiter plates (96/96 and 384/384)
  • Reformatting of plates (96/384 and 384/96)
  • Cell cultures
  • General liquid transfers in single vessels, strips, and plates in the ANSI/SLAS format