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Service Agreements

Standard - Plus - Premium

The warranty period for the Liquid Handling Station is one year. With BRAND Plus or Premium service agreements, this warranty can be extended by an additional 12 months.

BRAND also offers users an optional equipment qualification as part of our quality management. 

Installation Qualification (IQ)
Based on IQ test plants and a subsequent report, we document whether the Liquid Handling Station and its software meet the requirements of the product specification. Among other things, the scope of delivery is compared with the order data, the correct installation of the motor controller is checked, the system configuration is tested for correctness, compliance with legal safety regulations is examined, and the training of users documented. 

Operational Qualification (OQ)
The correct functioning of the Liquid Handling Station and its components is tested against standards and true samples are tested against end user and BRAND specifications. Here, too, a test plan is executed and a report issued and approved by the user.