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Pipetting robot




New workflow? No - as always!

Anything that can be done with conventional pipettes can quickly be defined as a method in the software to save time. Simplest method creation in minutes – the intuitive software needs no programming skills. Pipetting, dispensing, mixing – no problem!

Standard workflow:

  1. Define the name for the pipetting method
  2. Set up the work table
  3. Define the transfer commands
  4. Start executing
  5. Done!

See the application example!


  • Professional user management
  • Predefined liquid properties (liquid types) that can be changed or added at any time
  • Disposable item (labware) database can be added to on a customer-specific basis
  • Testing of inconsistencies by the software
  • Automatic logging of procedures (customizable reports)
  • Context-sensitive help function
  • Data import/export