Stepper/Repetitive pipette
HandyStep® S

HandyStep® S - the repetitive pipette for any occasion!

Ideal for routine or research applications in diagnostics, molecular biology, environmental analysis, and many more.

HandyStep® S and PD-tips work on the direct displacement principle. This offers the highest-precision dispensing of liquid media with high viscosity, high density, or high vapor pressure. Direct displacement permits contamination-free operation, since no aerosols are formed.

More data and facts:

  • increased chemical resistance through innovative plastic materials 
  • easy tip mounting - PD-tip is now simply inserted from below
  • volume range from 2 µl to 5 ml
  • up to 49 dispensing steps
  • weighs only 108 g
  • suitable for use with BRAND PD-tips, Encode tips, Repet tips, Combitips®, Combitips® plus and other compatible dispenser tips
  • CE-IVD-compliant


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