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BLAUBRAND® quality



Quality assurance, AQL ≤ 0,4

Heating of volumetric instruments

Silk-screen printing follows calibration. BRAND uses flexible screen stencils for all graduated pipettes, burettes, graduated cylinders, and mixing cylinders. Thus, the volume markings on the stencil exactly match the calibration marks, at all capacities. Even intermediate volumes on BRAND volumetric instruments are extremely precise. For silk-screen printing BRAND uses special inks designed for volumetric instruments.

High quality inks combined with carefully controlled annealing processes provide durable graduations. The most modern manufacturing technology is used for controlled heating and cooling. The maximum temperature is between 400 and 550 °C, depending on the type of glass.

The QM system is DIN ISO 9001 certified, and includes ongoing testing during the manufacturing process with final random sample testing in compliance with DIN ISO 3951 at final inspection. The accepted quality level (AQL) is less than or equal to 0.4.

All reusable BLAUBRAND® and SILBERBRAND volumetric instruments can be heated up to 180 ºC in a dry box or sterilizer without having to worry about a change in volume. Use only gradual heating and cooling because abrupt temperature changes cause thermal stress and may result in glass breakage.