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Volumetric flasks
Volumetric flasks, glass
Volumetric flasks, glass

BRAND volumetric flasks provide the highest accuracy.

BLAUBRAND® Volumetric Flasks – Durable Quality
Strict statistical quality controls ensure maintenance of these high standards. Volumetric flasks are indispensable for preparing dilutions and standard solutions. Standard volumetric flasks are supplied with a square-grip PP stopper with a dripping tip. These stoppers reduce the danger of breakage if a flask tips over, and help to prevent it from rolling off the workbench.

All BLAUBRAND® volumetric flasks are supplied with a batch number and an accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging. On request, they are available also with an individual certificate, USP individual certificate or DAkkS calibration certificate. With the exception of the wide neck design, the graduated flasks are also available with USP individual and batch certificates.

Trapezoidal volumetric flasks
Small capacity standard volumetric flasks can tip over more easily due to their higher center of gravity. Trapezoidal measuring flasks have a much larger base area which greatly improves stability!

Synthetic coating for better protection

Volumetric flasks, glass, PUR coated
Volumetric flasks, BLAUBRAND®, PURprotect, Class A

The PUR coating envelops the volumetric flasks like a protective skin.
In the event of glass breakage, the safety coating helps contain the glass fragments. Compared to uncoated glass flasks the electrostatic charge is not increased. The light blue coating facilitates optical distinction.
The maximum operating temperature at dry heat is 135°C (exposure time
< 30 min). Frequent autoclaving at 121 °C reduces splintering protection. Cleaning up to max. 95 °C.

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Testing flasks for dispensers

Volumetric flask with 3 marks, DAkkS-calibrated, BLAUBRAND®, 
class A, DE-M marking

Boro 3.3, DIN EN ISO 1042. Calibrated to contain (TC, In). Incl. DAkkS-certificate. The volumetric flask with 3 marks is used to check the functioning of a dispenser. The mark in the middle shows the nominal volume, the upper and lower marks show the error limits as specified in the table below. If the error limit is excee- ded even with repeated measurements, the dispenser is defective. The DAkkS-calibrated volumetric flask does not replace the gravimetric test of the monitoring of measuring instruments according to ISO 8655.

Capacity     upper/lower mark               Capacity     upper/lower mark
 ml             ± ml                                   ml              ± ml
 10             0,070                                  50              0,35   
 25             0,175                                100              0,70

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