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BRANDplates® - Selection Guide

How can I find the right plate?

With the new BRANDplates® SelectionGuide you can find the right plate for each application quickly and effectively!  

At the beginning different plate attributes can be selec-
ted, e.g. cavities, material, color or surface. The order of
selection is not predetermined; all attributes can be chosen
in any order. That way the product range can be narrowed down according to the individual preferences of the user.

Some users are not yet familiar with our new surface related plate names. We therefore offer an information field with a short description, when the mouse is placed upon the different names.

Every time an attribute is chosen the number of plates
which match the selected criteria is shown. Selecting addi-
tional criteria allows the customer to narrow the selection
still further. Attributes which are not available with the
already selected criteria are grayed out in the menu and
cannot be selected anymore. This way a request without
output is eliminated.


With pressing the button 'Show plates' the selected
BRANDplates® are displayed in a clearly arranged table.
The search criteria with which the selection was made is always displayed in the table. With this help the customers can view their search also at a later date. At this stage the table can be assorted according to the given attributes
such as catalogue number, surface or cavities.

Clicking on the catalogue number you can go directly to
the BRAND Online-Catalogue where additional infor-
mation about the plates can be obtained. Pressing the
button 'New Search' the user returns to the selection screen. With 'Reset' the selection for all attributes is
reset to 'all'.


A second possibility of searchng a special plate is the 'Alternative search by application'.
Here you can pick your application out of a given table.
In reference to this application appropriate plates out of
the BRANDplates® product range are recommended.
Please keep in mind, that this preselection is only a recommendation. Often applications can be performed in different ways (e.g. different detection systems). 
Therefore it is possible that a multitude of plates are sugges-
ted for one application. For this reason the user can further specify the selection over the attributes in the next step .