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Titrette® Software

Titrette® Software 4.02

This program is designed to transmit titration data from the Titrette® bottle-top burette with RS 232 interface to a PC. The titration data can be transmitted either immediately or later into a spreadsheet program, e.g., into an Excel-file.

The connection between instrument and PC is done with the included connector cable for RS 232 communication interface (COM-connection). The program supports the connection of several instruments to one PC according to the number of available RS 232-ports. For connection with an USB-interface please use a standard USB/RS 232-adapter (with 1 to 8 RS 232 interfaces).

If the instrument should be used distant from the PC e.g., in a production setting, it is possible to bridge up to 20 m with an appropriate RS 232-cable. Also standard RS 232/LAN adapters allow a network connection.

This version is suitable for Titrette® 10, 25 and 50 ml with RS 232 interface.

Please see the Operating Manual Titrette® Software 4.02 (0413/4) enclosed in the downloadable ZIP-file  (25MB).