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BLAUBRAND® Volumetric Instruments

 Сертификат партии в каждой упаковке!

BLAUBRAND® volumetric instruments are supplied with one batch certificate per packing unit of the manufacturer. This facilitates not only your initial performance verification, but also the monitoring of measuring equipment, as the data can directly be transferred from the certificate.
Further certificates can be requested via internet.

Batch number and batch certificate
All reusable BLAUBRAND® volumetric instruments have an easy-to-read digital batch number since 1997. The works certificate records the batch number, the mean value, the standard deviation of the batch and date of issue.


(Batch number:
Year of Manufacture/Batch)

Individual certificate
Both, the instrument and the certificate, show an individual serial number in addition to the batch number. The works certificate records the measured volume, the uncertainty of measurement and the date of issue.


(Individual serial number:
Year of Manufacture/Batch/Consecutive Instrument Number)



Certificate of performance (Works certificate)
Batch and individual certificates are works certificates. Both are based on the regulations for test and calibration procedures of laboratory instruments according to DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN ISO 10 012-1 and ISO 4787. All certificates document the traceability of measuring results to national standards (PTB) which recognize the SI units (International System of Units).

USP Individual certificate
BLAUBRAND® volumetric instruments can be delivered with volume tolerances in compliance with United States Pharmacopoeia (USP). Each instrument is individually calibrated and checked. Both the instrument and the certificate show an individual serial number (showing the year of manufacture).

DAkkS Calibration certificate
This calibration certificate is issued by the DAKKS calibration laboratory at BRAND. Due to the extensive international coop-eration of the DAkkS, (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH), (EA Agreement, ILAC-MRA) the DAkkS calibration certificate is internationally recognized. Both the instrument and the certificate show the individual serial number and the year and month of issue.