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New Products

USP Volumetric Instruments

BLAUBRAND® USP volumetric instruments comply with the Class A error limits required by United States Pharmacopeia.

macro Pipette Controller

Comfortable and simple pipetting, with optimized technology and design. New spring-loaded control lever for easier, even more sensitive meniscus adjustment.

BRANDplates® Strip plates with/without grid

They offer high flexibility. Use only as many wells as necessary. With high- or medium-binding surfaces. 

PLT unit – Pipette Leak Testing Unit!

PLT unit (Pipette Leak Testing unit)

Improve process reliability with functional validation of air-displacement pipettes!

The most frequent cause of inaccuracy in piston-operated pipettes is leakage. This arises from damage either to the seals, pistons, or tip cones. Often not detectable by the naked eye, leaks lead to significant volume errors. The BRAND pipette leak tester (PLT unit) for air displacement pipettes finds even the smallest leaks within seconds.

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PCR plates in 24-, 48-, 96- and 384-well formats

PCR plates in 24-well, 48-well, 96-well and 384-well formats

BRAND PCR plates are suitable for qPCR applications.

The ultra thin-walled PCR plate design facilitates constant, rapid and precise heat transfer. The smooth vessel interior minimizes the binding of enzymes and nucleic acid to the walls. The rim of the wells are designed to protect against cross-contamination, allowing a reliable seal with the sealing mats tailored to the plates

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for Volumetric instruments of glass or plastic (class A/ AS only) and piston-operated volumetric instruments

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