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Pipetting robot

Automated pipetting using the BRAND Liquid Handling Station

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A new concept in lab automation

Automation of routine pipetting tasks

The new Liquid Handling Station (LHS) pipetting robot from BRAND is your entry point into laboratory automation. With an excellent price/performance ratio and straightforward operation, the system is economical for low and medium throughput labs. Typical applications include:

PCR and qPCR
Accurately pipette small volumes of precious reagents and DNA samples.
Enzyme assays
Standardize tedious dilution routines and increase reproducibility of results. Select, save and change pre-defined fluid types on-the-fly.
Standardize tedious dilution routines and increase reproducibility of results. Select, save and change pre-defined fluid types on-the-fly.
Cherry picking
Accurately select and transfer sample subsets into new labware.


Time for new ideas

Find out how simple automated pipetting can be with the intuitive BRAND software. Set up your own, customized methods in minutes. The procedure is as simple as preparing for manual pipetting. Instead of using predefined protocols, you work with your own pipetting procedures that can be saved for further use. Unique and convenient features save time in programming and method execution. For example: the simulation mode lets you verify and optimize your method; email notifications inform you of manual interventions and protocol progress; and liquid ends can be changed without tools. Watch the video to see how easy it is to work with the Liquid Handling Station.


Outstanding in every detail

Benefits of the Liquid Handling Station

The Liquid Handling Station provides maximum flexibility for small and medium sample throughput and varied pipetting tasks. It closes the gap between electronic pipettes and large, expensive equipment. Seven ANSI / SLAS formatted workplaces can be freely assigned, including PCR tubes and strips, microcentrifuge tubes, reservoirs, and 96- or 384-well plates. Liquid ends are available in three single-channel sizes and two 8-channel sizes. The Liquid Handling Station's compact design and space-saving front door make it an ideal fit where benchtop space is limited. Click on the image to learn more about the Liquid Handling Station:


Liquid Ends (pipette modules)
The basis for the pipette modules are components from the familiar Transferpette® S. Three single-channel Liquid Ends (SC) and three 8-channel Liquid Ends (MC) are available. Manual changes are so easy a child can do them, and they take only a few seconds. No tools are needed.
Shaking and heating module
With the Teleshake 95 module, shaking and heating of samples in microplates and PCR consumables is possible directly inside the Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot from BRAND, without removing the plates from the robot. This saves time and reduces the risk of sample contamination.

Liquid Handling Station flow

Benchtop Cleanroom

The Liquid Handling Station flow is BRAND®’s pipetting robot for applications where samples must be protected from particles and microorganisms. Its brand new FlowBox directs the filtered air flow in laminar, horizontal layers across the consumables, such as plates1). With the door closed, the air volume inside the cabinet is replaced 260 times per hour, and exits through openings in the front door.

LHS flow


Liquid Handling Station

Operating Manual | pdf | 7 MB

Liquid Handling Station

Brochure | pdf | 3 MB

Liquid Handling Station Protein quantitation assay

Application Note | pdf | 1 MB

Automated high-throughput liquid transfer of SDS samples

Application Note | pdf | 2 MB

Automatic pipetting of reaction mixtures

Application Note | pdf | 724 KB

Small-scale automatic robot handling line for molecular pathogen diagnostics

Application Note | pdf | 1,005 KB


Qualify and test - free of charge

The BRAND Method Check

Wondering whether automating your method makes sense? Request BRAND’s free Method Check for laboratories! Experts from BRAND will analyze your pipetting tasks and give you specific recommendations on how to automate your applications. Then take two full weeks to test the method right in your own lab using the Liquid Handling Station – free of charge!


Reformatting and replicating plates
Preparing assay-ready plates
Cherry picking
Enzyme assays
Other methods


Analyze your laboratory’s pipetting tasks

Define settings, e.g. fluid properties (liquid types)

Specific recommendations for automating your methods


Use a BRAND Liquid Handling Station free of charge for two weeks

Free BRAND consumables such as tips or plates for your in-lab demonstration

Benefit from BRAND on-site training for the design and implementation of your pipetting methods

Expert advice available!

We Are Your Automated Liquid Handling Professionals

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The Liquid Handling Station from BRAND: fast, quiet, and reliable.

The speeds and the particularly dynamic movements of the axis system are designed to permit rapid, exact pipetting while si - multaneously minimizing the risk of contamination due to loss of liquid drops during movement. Adapters bring the plates/racks used to a single height, reduc - ing unnecessary vertical move - ments. That saves time during pipetting!

Simply uncomplicated!

The Liquid Handling Station from BRAND combines 45 years of experience in the area of manual Liquid Handling with over 30 years in the manufacture of high-precision disposable items. The pipette system works on the same air-interface principle as the piston-operated pipettes widely used in laboratories, and is designed for medium sample throughput. The Liquid Handling Station takes care of simple, monotonous (and frequently error-prone) routine tasks as well as complex pipetting tasks, such as PCR, qPCR or cherry picking, working through them efficiently

Maximize product protection

A microprocessor-controlled horizontal, laminar air flow safely covers the entire working area. The air drawn in from the environment passes through an H14 HEPA filter (99.995% efficiency). The filtered air is then directed across the working area in a laminar flow pattern.