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The new accu-jet® S

The accu-jet® S pipette controller brings versatility and endurance to your team. It makes lab work simple, easy and efficient, whether you work with cell cultures, in quality control or in a pharma lab.

Simple. Easy. Efficient.

+ Simple: Precise control for accurate volume setting and delicate cell culture work
+ Easy: Integrated rest position
+ Efficient: Service-friendly and sustainable

accu-jet S Pipettierhelfer

More color for your laboratory work.

The accu-jet® S pipetting aid is available in four different colors:

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Color: anthracite

Color: berry

Color: petrol

Color: amethyst


At a glance: Advantages of the accu-jet® S

Single-handed operation allows you to select gravity delivery or motorized blow-out, smoothly adjust the motor speed and precisely control the pipetting speed using variable button pressure for finest control of filling and delivery speed. Thanks to the balanced weight distribution, the instrument rests comfortably in your hand, even during long pipetting series.

The advantages in detail.

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Gravity delivery or blow-out with motor power

Efficient single-handed operation

Direct outlet of sample vapors

Wall mount for space-saving storage

Charging indicator

Rest position with inserted pipette

Smart charging technology prevents lazy battery effect

The new rest-mode.

Due to its new design, the accu-jet® S can be set to rest directly on the back end of the handle with a pipette inserted. A wall mount also  provides additional storage, freeing up space on your work area for disinfection or decontamination tasks.

User Tip: Precise pipetting of large and small volumes.

With one hand, you control the pipetting speed – from fast, powerful aspiration and exact meniscus setting, to precise dispensing of even small volumes. Without repositioning your hand, you can smoothly regulate the motor speed and select between gravity delivery or motor-supported blow-out of the pipette. With pressure sensitive control of the pipetting buttons, you can dispense up to the maximum speed of the motor setting, to facilitate working with both small- and large-volume pipettes with a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy.

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1. Press the upper pipetting button to aspirate the pipetting medium. The further the button is pressed, the faster the pipette is filled.

2. Select the operating mode “Gravity delivery” or “Blow-out”.

3. To dispense, press the lower pipetting button. The dispensing speed steadily increases the further the button is pressed.

Documents download

accu-jet® S

Mode d'emploi | pdf | 4 MB

accu-jet® S

Brochure | pdf | 3 MB


accu-jet® S, anthracite

L'aide au pipetage accu-jet® S introduit la polyvalence et l'endurance dans votre équipe. Que vous travailliez avec des cultures cellulaires, dans le contrôle de la qualité ou dans un laboratoire d'analyses chimiques,…

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