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Meet our experts: Productmanager cell culture Management

In this series "Meet our experts" we will introduce interesting career opportunities in the life sciences.

Today we would like to introduce you to one of our product managers. Nicolas has been working at BRAND for 9 years. He will explain what a product manager's tasks are. In these short videos you will learn more about the life as a product manager in cell culture at BRAND.


1. What are the tasks of a cell culture product manager at BRAND?

Subtitle: My name is Dr. Nicolas Frank. I work as a cell culture product manager at BRAND in Wertheim. As a product manager, you usually look after your own products like a small business owner. Cell culture includes a whole range of products in various categories, which are used for storage, cultivation and counting of cells, among other things.

2. For which tasks are the products from cell culture used for?

Subtitle: These devices are basically designed to transport liquids from A to B with the help of glass capillaries. These can be certain chemicals that are in solutions or cells that are in solutions. With the help of these devices, I am particularly precise in the execution of my work.

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Dr. Nicolas Frank

Product Manager Cell Culture

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