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HandyStep® touch / HandyStep® touch S

The repetitive pipette from BRAND

The new repetitive pipette from BRAND is the first choice when it comes to efficient dispensing of long series.

✔ Simple: touchscreen operation
✔ Easy: compatible with tips from other manufacturers
✔ Efficient: automatic tip ejection


Test the new HandyStep® touch free of charge!

HandyStep touch

The right solution at hand for every application

In addition to the standard HandyStep® touch modes “Multi-Dispensing”, “Auto-Dispensing” and “Pipetting”, the HandyStep® touch S also includes “Sequential Dispensing”, “Multi-Aspiration” and “Titration” modes.

Selection chart

Please touch

With the touchscreen display, you conveniently swipe back and forth between functions and always have an overview of the essential information on your work steps. Operation is easy, even with protective gloves on. And speaking of easy, the days of manually changing tips are over. On the HandyStep® touch, lightly tapping on the Eject icon on the display is enough to eject the tip.


New functionalities, simplified operation


Fast volume setting via keypad: Swipe or type – in addition to the jog dial, the new version offers the possibility to enter the volume via a keypad.


New volume ranges for multidispensing: For even more flexibility in volume setting, the new version offers finer step intervals in all modes.


Calibration reminder: In addition to saving your last calibration, you can now also set a reminder for the next calibration date.

Accuracy table

The measurements were carried out with BRAND PD-Tips II.

Distilled water was used as the test liquid.

The nominal volume is the maximum volume printed on the PD-Tip.

The tolerances specified in ISO 8655 are not exceeded.

Documents download

Accuracy table PD-Tips II

Selection chart | pdf | 83 KB

Air displacement pipette or repetitive pipette?

Application Note | pdf | 1 MB

HandyStep® touch

Operating Manual | pdf | 12 MB

HandyStep® touch

Brochure | pdf | 3 MB

HandyStep® touch

Selection chart | pdf | 367 KB

HandyStep® touch - auto dispensing

Videos | mp4 | 9 MB

HandyStep® touch - multi dispensing

Videos | mp4 | 8 MB

HandyStep® touch - pipetting modes

Videos | mp4 | 6 MB

HandyStep® touch - safe dispensing

Videos | mp4 | 6 MB

HandyStep® touch/HandyStep® electronic/HandyStep® S

Testing instructions (SOP) | pdf | 715 KB

PD-Tip Adapter

Videos | mp4 | 14 MB

Repetitive pipette HandyStep® touch

Videos | mp4 | 7 MB

Volumetric Measurement

Brochure | pdf | 4 MB

Accuracy table PD-Tips II

Selection chart | pdf | 83 KB

HandyStep® touch

Brochure | pdf | 3 MB


Test the new HandyStep® touch free of charge!

Now you can test the new HandyStep® touch for two weeks free of charge in your lab. Upon request, our application experts will be happy to help and advise you. And because we are sure that you do not want to give up your HandyStep® touch after the test phase, we will gladly make you a purchase offer for a special price after the test phase - without any obligation for you, of course. Sign up here for the free trial.


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