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EASYCAL™ 4.0 calibration software

Test instrument monitoring in accordance with ISO 9001 and the GLP guidelines requires regular verification and, if necessary, adjustment of your liquid handling instruments and volumetric instruments. EASYCAL™ 4.0 calibration software makes this task easier for you with the computer-based recording of measurement results during the calibration of volumetric instruments and the evaluation of the entered values. The software can print out a log of the measurements carried out and save the measurement results for later evaluation. A test history enables the user to recheck past measurements or to print out previous test. A convenient search function (filter function) is available for retrieving previous measurements.

Titrette® software 4.02

This program is used for logging titration data from the Titrette® bottle-top burette with RS 232 interface. The titration data can be transferred to a spreadsheet, e.g. an Excel file, for free processing either immediately or at a later time. The software is compatible with 10 ml, 25 ml, and 50 ml Titrette® with RS 232 interface. For further information, please refer to the operating instructions included in the download.