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PCR plates, microcentrifuge tubes, microplates, cuvettes, and more
Liquid Handling Station, robotic tips, and more
Volumetric flasks, bulb pipettes, cylinders, and more
Beakers, bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks, stirring bars, and more

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Transferpette® S -8, 0.5-10 µl, adjustable volume, M8-10, DE-M

The Transferpette® S air displacement pipette allows you to work efficiently and ergonomically with both small and large volumes. Low operating forces and a short stroke ensure relaxed…

accu-jet® S, amethyst, incl. universal AC adapter (100-240 V/50-60 Hz)

The accu-jet® S pipette controller brings versatility and endurance to…

BRAND Seal-R-film™ sealing film, length 38 m, width 100 mm

No more spilling, evaporation, and contamination! Seal-R-film™ sealing film seals…

Dispensette® S, Digital, DE-M, 0.1-1ml, without recirculation valve

Whether you are dispensing solvents, acids, alkalis or saline solutions – the…


EASYCAL™ 5 calibration Software

EASYCAL™ 5 – The new version of the calibration software is now available

5 min

The software can be used for BRAND instruments as well as instruments from other manufacturers. EASYCAL™ 5 facilitates the monitoring of Liquid Handling instruments (like piston-stroke devices such as pipettes, dispensers, burettes, and manual dispensers), as well as volumetric instruments made of glass or plastic, based on GLP/GMP and DIN EN ISO 9001.

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Certificates and accessories

Certificates of performance, accessories and technical documentation for your individual BRAND Product.

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Certificates of performance, technical documentation for your individual Transferpette®, HandyStep® touch, Titrette®, and BLAUBRAND® volumetric instrument.
Maintenance and repair services and accredited DAkkS calibration lab
Free download of the EASYCAL™ calibration software and the software for your Titrette®
Application Notes and Testing Instructions (SOP)

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