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Maintenance, calibration, DAkkS calibration lab

Maintenance and calibration service

For reliable results, it is essential to regularly monitor your test equipment. We offer you an efficient calibration and maintenance service as well as a calibration laboratory accredited by DAkkS.

Liquid Handling Geräte

For your liquid handling instruments

All volumetric instruments subject to test equipment monitoring require written documentation of regular calibration and volume control. Besides the values for accuracy and the coefficient of variation, this documentation also includes information on the type and frequency of the test. Frequent inspections are generally time-consuming and expensive: They entail putting the measuring equipment out of operation and – if significant deviations are found – having to adjust and/or repair it. BRAND offers a complete service for this purpose, including the calibration and, if necessary, the repair, maintenance, and adjustment of measuring equipment. This saves you time and money and reduces instrument downtime.

Testing in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8655

  • A team of qualified staff, working in temperature and humidity controlled rooms and using state-of-the-art scales and calibration software, calibrates Liquid Handling instruments, regardless of their make, according to DIN EN ISO 8655.
  • Variable volume instruments, such as the Transferpette® microliter pipette or the Dispensette® bottle-top dispenser, are checked at the nominal volume, at 50 % of the nominal volume, and at 20 % / 10 % of the nominal volume.
  • A detailed calibration certificate is issued to document the results.

BRAND calibration service

  • Calibration and adjustment of liquid handling instruments independent of the manufacturer (maintenance and repair also possible for BRAND instruments).
  • Detailed calibration certificate: Works calibration certificate or DAkkS Calibration Certificate.
  • On request, we will provide an additional certificate to document the metrological condition of your instrument before it is adjusted, maintained, or repaired.
  • Cost-efficient implementation.

Range of instruments:

  • Bottle-top dispensers
  • Digital bottle-top burettes
  • Piston-operated pipettes (single- and multi-channel)
  • Stepped dosing devices (multi-dispenser)

Would you like to send in your instrument for calibration or for maintenance and repair?

Customers from Germany: Please fill out the repair and calibration order and the clearance certificate and send them to us along with the cleaned and sterilized instrument.

Customers from other countries: Please contact us so that we can make you a suitable offer.


DAkkS calibration laboratory

BRAND has a calibration laboratory accredited by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH) in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17 025. The BRAND calibration laboratory is therefore authorized to issue DAkkS calibration certificates for the volumetric instruments listed below. These are available in several languages.


BRAND calibrates the following volumetric instruments (new or already in use and regardless of make):

  • Piston-operated pipettes, from 0.1 µl to 10 ml
  • Multi-channel piston-operated pipettes, from 0.1 μl to 1250 μl
  • Piston-operated burettes, from 1 μl to 200 ml
  • Dispensers, dilutors, from 1 μl to 200 ml
  • BRAND Liquid Handling Station
  • Glass volumetric instruments, adjusted to contain (TC, 'In') from 1 μl to 10 l
  • Glass volumetric instruments, adjusted to deliver (TD, 'Ex') from 1 µl to 100 ml
  • Plastic volumetric instruments, adjusted to contain (TC, 'In') from 1 μl to 10 l
  • Plastic volumetric instruments, adjusted to deliver (TC, 'Ex') from 1 μl to 100 ml
  • Glass pycnometer, without thermometer, Winkler oxygen bottles, from 1 cm3 - 300 cm3

One crucial difference between works calibration services and DAkkS calibration laboratories is the reliable, DAkkS-monitored declaration of the measurement uncertainty, which is guaranteed by the laboratory.

DAkkS Calibration Certificate

The DAkkS Calibration Certificate officially documents the traceability of measured values to national and international families of standards, including the DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17 025 standards required for the monitoring test equipment.

When do you need a DAkkS Calibration Certificate?

A DAkkS Calibration Certificate is required when calibrations by an accredited laboratory are requested, where very high quality calibrations are demanded and for the calibration of reference standards and instruments for comparative measurements.

Do you need a DAkkS Calibration Certificate? Please get in touch with us.

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