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The new pipetting aid: accu-jet® S

The accu-jet® S makes lab work simple, easy, and efficient, whether you work with cell cultures, in quality control or in a pharma lab.

The pipette controller brings versatility and endurance to your team

accu-jet® S - the new rest mode
Anthracite, berry, petrol, and amethyst: the new accu-jet® S pipette controller comes in four attractive colors

Precise pipetting of large and small volumes is easy due to single handed control of pipetting speed for fast, powerful aspiration, accurate meniscus setting, or precise dispensing of small volumes.


Thanks to the precise control, you always achieve the required volume spot-on when working with graduated or bulb pipettes. If you need extra power or precision, motor speed is controlled on the fly with one hand, choose between gravity-delivery (for pipettes calibrated "to deliver") or powered blow-out delivery (for pipettes calibrated “to contain”).

Simple. Easy. Efficient.

+ Simple: Precise control for accurate volume setting and delicate cell culture work
+ Easy: Integrated rest position
+ Efficient: Service-friendly and sustainable

accu-jet® S, petrol, incluida fuente de alimentación universal(100-240 V/50-60 Hz)

Con el auxiliar de pipeteado accu-jet® S puede aportar versatilidad y resistencia a su equipo. Tanto si trabaja con cultivos celulares como en el control de…

accu-jet® S, anthracite, sin equipo de red universal

Con el auxiliar de pipeteado accu-jet® S puede aportar versatilidad y resistencia a su…

Precise pipetting

Single-handed operation allows you to select gravity delivery or motorized blow-out, smoothly adjust the motor speed and precisely control the pipetting speed using variable button pressure for finest control of filling and delivery speed. Thanks to the balanced weight distribution, the instrument rests comfortably in your hand, even during long pipetting series.

Precise pipetting


Find out more about the versatility and endurance of the accu-jet® S and how it makes your work in the lab simple, easy, and efficient.

Dr. Nicolas Frank

Product Manager Cell Culture

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