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New kits for the automated extraction of high-molecular DNA

Extract quickly and easily with the BRAND pipetting robot – without magnetic particles

The new SmartExtraction LHS-Kits

The new SmartExtraction LHS-Kits are designed for the automated isolation of high molecular weight DNA (HMW) from bacteria, yeast, tissue samples, whole blood and rodent tails. They do not require magnetic particles and therefore do not need complex additional modules. The DNA is bound directly to the surface of the modified BRAND robotic tips.


After washing, the genomic DNA is eluted from the Smart Modified Surfaces and is available for subsequent applications. The entire extraction process requires only simple mixing by moving up and down in the modified BRAND tips with the Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot.

Smart extraction kit

Thanks to the Smart Modified Surfaces from IST Innuscreen GmbH, the DNA binds directly to modified surfaces in the robotic tips. The result is high-molecular, long-chain DNA in high concentration and good yield without measurable contamination. 

Typical applications are DNA isolation from mammalian tissue such as mouse tails or from cell pellets. The kits are available for 8, 16 or 32 samples and contain all necessary reagents and consumables such as BRAND deep-well plates and SmartExtraction tips.

Dr. Antonio Romaguera

Head of Product Management

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