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Liquid Handling

Bottle-top dispensers, bottle-top burettes, micropipettes, tips and more.

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Life science consumables

Life Science Consumables

PCR plates and tubes, microtubes, microplates, cuvettes and more.

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Pipetting robot Liquid Handling Station

Pipetting robot

Liquid Handling Station, robotic tips and more.

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Volumetric glassware

Volumetric instruments

Volumetric flasks, bulb pipettes, cylinders, burettes and more.

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General labware

General lab products

Beakers, bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks, stirring bars and more.


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Metabolic activity measured by resazurin-resafurin turn over is used for relative quantification of cell numbers after 1, 2 and 3 days post seeding. CHO cells were incubated in presence of 50 μM resazurin for 3 hours prior to fluorescence...
Cell culture

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Cell attachment and proliferation

Our latest Application Notes show research results for HEK293, HepG2, HeLa and CHO cell lines.

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