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New Products

Liquid Handling Station

Your easy entry into laboratory automation – for research, routine applications, and education.

Make use of all the advantages of automated Liquid Handling Systems, even for small or medium quantities of samples.  

PLT unit (Pipette Leak Test)

Daily pipette checks can provide a safeguard during the periods between calibrations. Even the smallest leaks are detected!

PLTconnect software

The PLTconnect software gives you the additional security of knowing all your test results are documented at all times.

Promotion: Perfect pipetting and save.

Mikroliter-Pipette Transferpette SExperience for yourself the quality of our Transferpette® S microliter pipette. We now offer our popular starter kits with three pipettes, tip boxes and rack holders at a 40% savings. Or choose one of our attractive special offer packages with five pipettes, three or four tip boxes and a table stand.

 Just download our flyer and order your special offer package.


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We Are Your Automated Liquid Handling Professionals

Pipetting robot Liquid Handling Station

We will gladly show you how the Liquid Handling Station can streamline your pipetting work. Make an appointment for a free, on-site method check today!

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Our latest Technical Notes show research results for HEK293, HepG2, HeLa and CHO cell lines.

Technical Note shows reduced evaporation losses

Titrette® - the first bottle-top burette to satisfy Class A error limits for glass burettes!