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EASYCAL™ 5 - the new version of the calibration software is now available

EASYCAL™ 5 software can be used for BRAND instruments as well as instruments from other manufacturers.

The EASYCAL™ 5 calibration software facilitates the monitoring of Liquid Handling instruments (like piston-stroke devices such as pipettes, dispensers, burettes, and manual dispensers), as well as volumetric instruments made of glass or plastic, based on GLP/GMP and DIN EN ISO 9001.


Choose between a stand-alone license for working on one workstation or a client/server version for parallel, distributed work on multiple workstations. The stand-alone license is recommended for small labs where calibration is completed by one person. The client/server version and its floating licenses are an excellent solution for larger labs where calibration will be carried out at multiple workstations.

EASYCAL™ 5 – some of the new functions

  • Testing of liquid handling devices and volumetric instruments made of glass and plastic according to standards such as ISO 8655, ISO 4787, and others.
  • Open software, suitable for all volumetric instruments – from any manufacturer.
  • Extensive library with device specifications from many well-known manufacturers – can be expanded and modified by the user.
  • Device management – quickly and easily search and find the owner, test history, and next test date.
  • Continuous control of the current actual state during testing by graphical representations and real time calculation of statistical values.
  • Dual-control principle for the release of critical data such as test plans, calibration orders before certificate printing, and device specification.
  • RS-232 interface connection for measuring devices such as scales, thermometers, barometers, and hygrometers with automatic data transmission of the measured values.
  • Customize certificates and audit trails to your needs in the integrated certificate editor.

Dr. Patrick Jost

Product Manager Industrial Products

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