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Get ready for the new ISO 8655:2022 – update your calibration software now

The ISO 8655 series is the most important standard for the calibration of micro pipettes, bottle-top dispensers, or other volumetric instruments with reciprocating pistons

The new version includes changes that should be considered in any calibration

The new version of ISO 8655:2022, which is currently being implemented in national standards, includes changes that should be considered in any calibration. 


These include:

  • For small-volume volumetric instruments (e.g., pipettes in the lower microliter range), the error limits are adjusted
  • Many Liquid Handling instruments that were between the listed nominal volumes in ISO 8655:2022 have tighter error limits to meet in the new standard
  • The number of measurements required is increased
  • The measuring ranges of the scales to be used for calibration have been changed

EASYCAL™ 5 offers automatic lifetime updates

In addition to the adjustments to the test plans, the calibration software must also be updated to reflect the changes to the standard. BRAND's EASYCAL™ 5 software offers automatic updates. All that is required is an Internet connection and the user's consent.

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