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The new version of the repetitive pipette HandyStep® touch is available now

New functionalities, simplified operation

With its touchscreen operation, the repetitive pipette HandyStep® touch from BRAND brings a new operating concept for Repetitive With its touchscreen operation, the repetitive pipette HandyStep® touch from BRAND brings a new operating concept for Repetitive Pipettes to the lab. In the new version that is available now, BRAND has taken up suggestions from users and implemented three new functionalities:

Fast volume setting via keypad: Swipe or type – in addition to the jog dial, the new version offers the possibility to enter the volume via a keypad

New volume ranges for multidispensing: For even more flexibility in volume setting, the new version offers finer step intervals in all modes.

Calibration reminder: In addition to saving your last calibration, you can now also set a reminder for the next calibration date.

In addition, optimized font sizes and the automatic energy-saving mode even with inserted PD-Tip make working with the HandyStep®touch even easier and more efficient.

Documents download

Air displacement pipette or repetitive pipette?

Application Note | pdf | 1 MB

HandyStep® touch

Operating Manual | pdf | 6 MB

HandyStep® touch

Brochure | pdf | 2 MB

HandyStep® touch

Selection chart | pdf | 367 KB

HandyStep® touch - auto dispensing

Videos | mp4 | 9 MB

HandyStep® touch - multi dispensing

Videos | mp4 | 8 MB

HandyStep® touch - pipetting modes

Videos | mp4 | 6 MB

HandyStep® touch - safe dispensing

Videos | mp4 | 6 MB

HandyStep® touch with PD-Tips II Accuracy table

Selection chart | pdf | 83 KB

HandyStep® touch/HandyStep® electronic/HandyStep® S

Testing instructions (SOP) | pdf | 1 MB

PD-Tip Adapter

Videos | mp4 | 14 MB

Repetitive pipette HandyStep® touch

Videos | mp4 | 7 MB

Volumetric Measurement

Brochure | pdf | 4 MB

HandyStep® touch

Brochure | pdf | 2 MB

HandyStep® touch with PD-Tips II Accuracy table

Selection chart | pdf | 83 KB

Package HandyStep® touch S, DE-M, inclusive universal AC adapter and charging stand

Repetitive pipettes are the first choice when it comes to efficient dispensing of long series. Positive displacement pipettes are often the right solution for pipetting viscous media. The new stepper HandyStep® touch from BRAND combines both features. With the touchscreen display, you conveniently swipe back and forth between functions and always have an overview of the essential information on your work steps. Operation is easy, even with protective gloves on. And speaking of easy, the days of manually changing tips are over. On the HandyStep® touch, lightly tapping on the Eject icon on the display is enough to eject the tip. The HandyStep® touch repetitive pipette automatically recognizes the volume of the new BRAND PD- Tips II. This saves time and reduces the risk of error. Tips from many other manufacturers can also be used, providing maximum flexibility. Charging is easy and efficient: simply place the HandyStep® touch in the inductive charging stand and the battery automatically starts charging. Overview - Touchscreen operation with intuitive menu navigation in English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese - HandyStep® touch with the features multi-dispensing, auto-dispensing and pipetting; HandyStep® touch S with the additional features sequential dispensing, multi-aspiration and titration - Automatic size detection of BRAND PD-Tips II - Compatible with PD-Tips prior to the PD-Tips II generation and with tips from many other manufacturers: for example, Encode™ tips, Repet-Tips®, Combitips®, Combitips® plus, Combitips® advanced (the above-mentioned brands are property of their respective owners) - Automatic tip ejection - Variable volume adjustment from 1.0 μl to 50 ml - Easy to clean thanks to smooth surface without grooves and edges - Inductively rechargeable Limitations of use: Operating temperature of instrument and reagent should be between +15 °C and +40 °C (59 °F to 104 °F) (other temperatures upon request) Vapor pressure up to 500 mbar Viscosity: At 50 ml PD-Tip: 20 mPa s; at 5 ml PD-Tip: 260 mPa s; at 1,25 ml PD-Tip: 977 mPa

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Charging stand for HandyStep® touch and HandyStep® touch S, w/o universal AC adapter

The charging stand for the HandyStep® touch saves space on the laboratory bench and securely holds the device even with a PD-Tip II attached. It features inductive charging technology, which enables charging without cable clutter. Simply place the HandyStep® touch into the stand, and the charging process begins. The blue LED status indicator at the base of the charging stand shows the charging status:LED lit: Device is chargingLED not lit: Device is fully charged The charging stand can be used for both the HandyStep® touch and the HandyStep® touch

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