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Monitoring of measuring instruments
DAkkS calibration certificate

DAkkS Calibration Certificate (D-K-18572-01-00)

DSkkS Kalibrierschein

The DAkkS Calibration Certificate documents officially the traceability of measuring results to national and international standards as required by the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17 025 for the monitoring of measuring instruments.

A major difference between works calibration services and DAkkS laboratories is the accurate determination of the respective uncertainty of measurement guaranteed by the accredited laboratory and supervised by the DAkkS.

DAkkS Calibration Certificates are appropriate in uses in which calibrations of an accredited laboratory are requested, where high level calibrations are demanded and for calibration of reference standards and instruments for comparative measurements.

DAkkS – A member in the International Accreditation Network

DAkkS is a member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the highest level international institution for laboratory calibration, and is a signatory to the MRA – Mutual Recognition Agreements.

The main objective of this international accreditation network is the mutual recognition of the professional services and results offered by accredited bodies, and to avoid technical barriers to trade and multiple accreditation.

The accreditation bodies that are signatories to the ILAC mutual recognition agreements (MRAs) recognize their mutual equivalence, and the equivalence of the calibration certificates issued by those same signatories. Likewise, signatories are obliged generally to promote and recommend recognition of the calibration certificates of other signatories (excluding factory calibration certificates). The complete information regarding the ILAC convention, as well as the list of all signatories can be read at