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Volumetric Instruments

Online Seminar on reliable, exact and precise volumetric measurement

The ultimate guide to working with volumetric instruments

Reliable volumetric measurement through simple rules and helpful features.

Volumetric instruments made of glass are still the most accurate instruments for volumetric measurement. Established standards and guides from different societies/committees/Pharmacopeia give a lot of regulatory safety. This webinar provides an overview about simple rules of thumb and prominent features of the instruments for every day work in a laboratory. We take a look at the differences of Class A and Class B, explain the certificates of performance needed for audits, show practical tipps from our SOPs and show application-specific versions of glass instruments.



  • Volumetric instruments basics and overview
  • Class A and Class B – what are the differences?
  • Audit requirements and how to fulfill them
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for your volumetric instruments
  • Solutions for special application requirements, e.g. amber or coated instruments
Dr. Christian Schurz

Product Manager Glass & Plastic Ware

T +49 9342 808 1576


Background of presenter:

Christian Schurz has a PhD in chemistry from University of Stuttgart. He investigated lanthanide nitride halogenides and chalcogenides after his diploma thesis of titanium oxide nitrides. His main focus was on solid state chemistry and crystal structures. Christian Schurz started working for BRAND in 2013 as product manager for volumetric instruments made of glass and plastic. In addition he works actively in national and international standardization committees.

BRAND offers new BIO-CERT® quality levels

Simply the right consumables for your life science application

With the four new quality levels under the BIO-CERT® brand, BRAND offers quality, safety and easy selection for applications such as PCR, cell culture and liquid handling. For this purpose, BRAND's life science experts have analysed the application requirements in close cooperation with users and defined quality levels geared to the respective application.  What exactly is needed for the respective application is now displayed in a precisely defined and reliable form. 

Volumetric flask, BLAUBRAND®, A, DE-M, 10000 ml, Boro 3.3, NS 45/40, PE stopper

Boro 3.3. DIN EN ISO 1042. Calibrated to contain (TC, In). All BLAUBRAND® volumetric flasks are delivered with a batch number and batch certificate included in the…

Graduated cylinder, tall form, BLAUBRAND®, A, DE-M, 25 ml: 0.5 ml, Boro 3.3

Boro 3.3. To DIN EN ISO 4788. Calibrated to contain (TC, In).…

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