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We focus on designing our products to be long-lasting and maintenance-friendly

Using high-quality products as long as possible directly contributes to environmental protection, as we prevent the consumption of resources which are needed for the manufacturing of new products.

High-quality materials ensure long service life

long-lasting and maintenance-friendly products


The micropipette Transferpette® S demonstrates how we contribute to the long service life of instruments through simple maintenance and repair. On single-channel pipettes, the ejector and shaft can be removed and cleaned in a few seconds. Due to their patented design, the individual shafts of multi-channel instruments are also easy to unscrew, making them simple to clean and replace.

Even in the case of life science consumables, there are ways to use products multiple times. Our solid TipBoxes can, of course, be refilled with pipette tips over and over again and they can be autoclaved multiple times at 121 °C.

TipBoxes can be refilled with pipette tips



Quality and longevity have always been a characteristic feature of BRAND liquid handling instruments. In many laboratories, our Dispensette® S bottle-top dispensers have been in use for a decade or longer – the high-quality materials of the parts, which are in contact with media and crucial to the function of the instruments, make this possible.

Matthias Stein

Marketing Director

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