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Innovation and experience to offer solutions for your dosing requirements

Smart technology for individual filling tasks

Our innovative and high-precision dosing technology incorporates advanced system components from our world-renowned Liquid Handling instruments. They are combined with highquality, reliable component groups and modules from automation and control technology according to your requirements.

BRAND dosing systems can be integrated into complex filling and packaging lines as needed, and can be customized to individual specifications. Thus, they offer a broad range of possible applications, and are well suited for high-throughput filling lines.

seripettor® dispensing system

High-precision dosing technology based on the seripettor® bottle-top dispenser. The system works with reliable seripettor® components that are specially modified for use in high-performance dosing systems.



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Operating principle

The operating principle of our dosing systems is based on the advanced bottle-top dispenser seripettor® from BRAND.The piston-cylinder principle is ideally adapted for use in precision dosing systems.The direct displacement principle makes them especially suitable for dosing low-viscosity, aqueous, and many other types of media. Volume ranges from 50 μl to 25 ml per dosing stroke.


The media is usually supplied for example by using a peristaltic pump through a media feed tube to the level control container. This provides a constant system pressure and serves as an air trap. An upward aspiration stroke fills the dispensing cartridges with media via a media distributor channel. The subsequent downward movement of the piston conveys the medium through the valve system in the valve head and delivers it via the dispensing tube or a flexible dispensing tube. The piston movements are actuated by one or more axles.

The centerpiece of the system:
The easily replaceable seripettor® dispensing cartridge available in three sizes: 2 ml, 10 ml and 25 ml; the piston (PE) and cylinder (PP) are also available sterile


Dosing module with autoclavable, stainless steel media Distributor

For routine use in sensitive Areas

Key media-carrying components as valve head with dispensing tube, dispensing cartridge and level control container are made of plastics and can be easily exchanged.

Advantages of the seripettor®

  • The dispensing cartridges, membrane filter, and pre-mounted valve heads are disposable and easily replaceable without using tools. They can be supplied sterile if needed
  • The media distributor and level control container are easy to disassemble, clean and autoclave
  • No calibration of the dosing system is necessary after replacing the disposable items
  • The low dead-space design for media-carrying channels means minimal loss of media during cleaning or when changing media
  • Design provides low maintenance overhead and minimal downtime
  • High precision dosing is combined with long-lasting durability


FD (fully disposable) dosing module

For the consumer area

All media-carrying components can be replaced quickly, easily, and cleanly by changing the complete plastics made dosing module in a plug´n play process.


Plug‘n Play
Based on the seripettor® dispensing technology an entirely novel, completely replaceable, single-use dosing module made of exceptionally high quality plastics has been developed. The modular design of the segments allows an individual assembly. The system offers the greatest possible flexibility in the dosing module arrangement. At BRAND, manufacturing and assembly can be conducted under validated cleanroom conditions (ISO 14644-1, Class 8).

Advantages of the FD dosing System
The FD dosing module makes CIP/SIP processes a thing of the past, and eliminates all the associated system technology. This means:

  • No additional expenditures for complex cleaning systems
  • No more cleaning and sterilization validations necessary
  • No residue due to cleaning errors
  • No more cleaning required (for huge time savings and productivity gains)
  • Minimal downtime in production facilities
  • Reduction of process risks
  • Cross-contamination is largely eliminated

Dispenser dosing system

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For critical applications

For dosing critical media, we design customized solutions from standard components from the wide selection of BRAND bottle-top dispensers: Foremost these are used for critical reagents such as acids, alkalis, organic solvents, or high-viscosity media.

Single-channel Dispensing system with x/y/z portal

In these systems, the dispensing cartridges are made exclusively from durable, long-lasting components with high chemical resistance. A high priority is developing a maintenance-friendly system design, which reduces cleaning expenditures to a Minimum, even with reusable technology.

Volume ranges from 0.25 ml to 100 ml per dosing stroke.



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